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Mold Base-----End Product

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The perfect precious mold base is a combination of skilled craftsmanship and advanced technology, such as six-axis & five-axis, CMM machine and so on. We ensure that every detail is in place, the product quality is excellent, and there is no tolerance for errors. Not only that, we are able to meet customers' requirements and provide them with satisfactory services.

Our mold bases are widely used in the fields of automobile, medical treatment, construction, household equipment and so on. No matter in heavy industry or light industry, customers have customized them to us. We can also design and produce 3D drawings of the mold base for customers. We look forward to your cooperation.

You can see what a perfect product it is


Our high-quality precision mold base is famous at home and abroad. Our mold base export market is gradually expanding, and it is exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and other continents, obtaining unanimous praise from customers.

Our workers are analyzing and discussing every detail of the mold base to ensure that the product is free of defects. The sophisticated and perfect products created through many processes are planned and analyzed by our experienced R&D team



Look at our equipment




We also have various advanced technologies.

In recent years, affected by the epidemic, the global economy has fluctuated and declined seriously. However, this does not affect the delivery of our mold base products. We still adhere to the concept of quality and service first, maintain an open attitude, develop internationally and export to various countries and markets. We provide the best quality assurance and best service to any country and customer who need our products.


For the mold, the machinery industry to provide the best quality supporting services rooted in China's famous overseas




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