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About Us

Dongguan Fine Alignment metal product Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Fine Alignment Metal Products was established in 2002 in Hengli Town,Dongguan City, China. The company specializes in the production of standard mold base, non-standard mold base (plastic mold, die-casting mold, two-color mold, metal mold,large mechanical board), product types cover automotive, home appliances, medical,electronics, food packaging and other industries . And sales of various types of mold steel,hardware, tools, mold parts and so on.
With the constant needs of customers at home and abroad, in order to enhance thecompetitiveness of the company's products and better serve customers, we purchased 8,000 square meters of factory land in 2010, and introduced many Japanese and Taiwanese brands of high-precision wire processing centers and horizontal processing. New equipment such as center and six-axis precision squatting and three-dimensional detector; also introduced a team of senior technical talents in the industry. At present, the company is expanding the international market, and domestic and foreign customers have highly praised and affirmed the quality, delivery and price of our products.
We adhere to the business philosophy of "Quality First, Service Supreme, Teamwork, Excellence" and we will provide the best quality products and services for new and old customers. A group of people only do one thing for a lifetime, that is to provide the most highquality supporting services for the mold industry, let customers witness our full efforts on the road to excellence!



For the mold, the machinery industry to provide the best quality supporting services rooted in China's famous overseas



   46 Hongqi Road, Shanxia village, Hengli Town, Dongguan City,Guang Dong Province,523460,China
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