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Participated in the Manufacturing Expo 2023 in Thailand

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Our professional team has more than 30 years of rich experience. It actively expands domestic and foreign business and is committed to providing the best products and services for new and old customers. On June 22, 2023, we participated in the Manufacturing Expo 2023 in Thailand. We are excited and happy to take photos with the mascot and hope to meet high-quality partners here.


The exhibition is crowded with people, and we are waiting in line to enter. The vibe was great and we enjoyed it.


We actively had good conversations with mold manufacturers at the exhibition. During the conversation, we learned about each other’s products, services and technological improvements. As a high-quality mold base supplier in China, we left a deep impression on our customers. Finally, we left each other's contact information, and the customer said that he would go to China to visit our factory, and we are looking forward to it.


During the exhibition, we ran into customers from the United States, and we had a close conversation. We introduced our products, factories, equipment, and companies we have cooperated with, etc. The customers had a strong interest in our products and expressed the hope that good cooperation can be carried out in the future.


After the exhibition, we were invited to visit the workshop of a Thai customer. We were deeply impressed by the advanced processing equipment, clean environment, and good product quality. We exchanged production experience, learned from each other, and looked forward to good cooperation in the future!



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